Thursday, July 26, 2012

Jury Duty

striped shirt
Shirt: Aeropostale; Bodysuit: American Apparel; Skirt: Loft; Shoes: DSW
 Dear Reader,

You might be thinking to yourself right now, "My Heyni, you seem very stripey today," and you would be right.  I very conscientiously thought up this outfit, because today I had jury duty. 

Originally, I was supposed to be on a plane to Las Vegas in order to celebrate my friend's, Nicole, birthday, but instead I received a summons to report to court on the same exact day.  What are the odds?  Fortunately, I had not bought a plane ticket when I received the summons, and I had already asked for the time off.  I still held out hope that I would still get to go to Vegas, because on the day before your day at court you need to call to see if the number assigned to you is even called.  I planned that if my number was not part of the group needed for jury duty, I would buy my plane ticket that day and stay in Nicole's hotel room.  Obviously, my number was called, because otherwise this post would be called, "Las Vegas!!" not "Jury Duty."  :(  Again, what are the odds?  It seemed the universe wanted me to be a juror about as much as I didn't want to be one.

First, I must be picked to become a juror for a trial, and so I wanted to subconciously sway the lawyers into not picking me; which brings me back to today's outfit.  Whenever I see other fashion bloggers incorporate stripes into their regalia it's usually done in a way to make one think of sailing or nautical themes.  Today I wanted my outfit to suggest jail bars and imprisonment, so I put on as many stripes as possible.  I kept the colors neutral and muted, put my hair up in a simple bun, and used minimal makeup and accessories.  Hopefully, this would worm its way into the minds of the lawyers, and they would dismiss me so I could go home.  Now, I know you are all waiting with bated breath.  Was I successful in my psychological subterfuge?

The world may never know, because all I did was sit in a dreary lounge surfing the internet.  After two hours the lady in charge told us there would be no trial that needed a jury and we could all go home.  I know, very anticlimactic. All in all, my jury duty could have been a lot more painful, but then again I could have been in Vegas by now.  Oh well, at least this experience inspired me to put together pieces that I normally would not have, and I won't need to serve for another three years.

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