Monday, June 4, 2012

Day to Evening: With Pirates

colorblock dress
Dress: Loft; Belt: Thrifted; Shoes and Bag: Target

This is not my car.  Obviously, because there are no dings in it.  Let's face it... I would have wrecked this beauty in a week.  No, this fancy car belongs to one of my best friends, Nicole, and this weekend I drove down to the Virginia Beach area to visit her.  When traveling I like to pack light, so I try to pack outfits that can easily transition from day to night in order to save space in my suitcase.  I also try to pack neutral accessories that will work for all outfits, and the same goes for the shoes.  The great thing about packing for day to night is that one doesn't need to know what one is doing, because regardless of whether the activities ask for more casual  or dressy ensembles you're prepared.

For this day we decided to explore the different towns around Nicole's neighborhood, and found that there was a pirate's festival in Hampton, Virginia.  There were plenty of patches, leather vests, and dirty hair.  In a word...amazing.  Then we went to a fancy Carribbean restaurant where we had a fantastic dinner, (mojitos were an option :) and attached to the restaurant was a jazz club.  The music was sooo good.  It has been a long time since I listened to some live jazz and I had a great time.  All day I felt comfortable and put together. 

I find that hair can be your best accessory, and just by putting my hair down and curling it, I immediately felt fancier.  A great pair of heels, some gold accessories and "Viola!" I'm ready to hit the town.

And now...Pirates!

And fancy car! 

Thanks to Nicole for taking the pictures.  I had a great time! :)

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