Sunday, May 27, 2012

Strategic Planning

red polka dot dress
Dress: Forever 21, Purse: Loft; Shoes: Target
This picture was quickly taken on my fancy phone before I went out with my friend June to celebrate her birthday.  I know this outfit may seem deceptively simple, but I actually put a lot of thought into this before I went out.  In order to be comfortable some forethought is needed.  First one needs to take into account where one is going, and how is one getting to said place. Here was my thought process...

"It's hot today, and I sweat when I dance sooo....teeny dress is needed to stay cool, but I don't want to wear a bra.  Do I have one with padding? Yes! Perfect it has polka dots.  Should I wear heels?  It's easier to do turns in heels, but since we're going to another bar first I should probably wear flats.  No point in wearing makeup, because I'll just sweat it off, so a bright red lipstick should be enough.  Same goes with the need to do it since once again I'll just get sweaty.  Ponytail seems too simple, so big hoop earrings will frame my face, and a simple necklace should finish the accessories."

As you can see my body temperature had a lot to do with my decision making process.  I really like this outfit, and felt super confident, BUT (here's the important part) I was super comfortable all night, and literally danced all night.  Thanks to my friend June for inviting me out for her special day.  :)

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